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about CHRIS

Ravens Nest Tattoo

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Creeping from a dusty hole in the dark depths of West Hollywood, Chris Adonis descends upon us like Nosferatu on a laser beam, bringing darkness with a smile. 

With his pointed boots planted firmly in the past, his wayfarer sunglasses look to a future far beyond the black horizon. Darkly flamboyant, Chris pays homage to the traditional tattoo masters of yore like Sutherland Mcdonnald and Bob Wicks while fusing in heavy influence from dark, medieval-era frescos, making for a timeless and surprisingly modern aesthetic. Bold, colorful and dramatic.


Born of the Colorado Punk scene and getting his first tattoo at 14, as an artist, Chris cut his teeth on the mean streets of Oakland, California, growing up dividing his time between local tattoo shops and the train yards. Earning his BA in Criminal Law with a minor in Military History only served to solidify his artistic life path that landed him in Los Angeles. 


His obsessive attention to detail lends itself perfectly to his clean and bold designs, be it from classic iconography to elaborate lettering. His outlook on art is entirely hedonistic; art should bring joy. Be it on the deepest, most meaningful level or be it on the most frivolous and superficial way, the ultimate purpose is to inspire beauty and happiness to the client. A simple motto: Too much but never enough.

~Chris Adonis~

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